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The Invisible Mountain

by Horseback

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Andy Scott
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Andy Scott Repetitive Neil Young a la On he Beach... that drones w/ heavy bass and black metal vocals... Dig it. Favorite track: Hatecloud Dissolving Into Nothing.
Travis Niemeyer
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Travis Niemeyer A chill, sinister, tripped-out slowride through the wastelands. Inventive stuff, yet not at all overdone.
Purnacandra Sivarupa
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Purnacandra Sivarupa Western guitar styling meets atmospheric black metal with decidedly esoteric lyrical themes to produce a short but enveloping musical experience worthy of your headphones and your brain. Favorite track: Invokation.


Horseback's 'The Invisible Mountain' is an intensely heavy psychedelic, post-metallic, kraut-rock journey. The guitars buzz, drone, and twang, the drums are powerful and tight, the instruments locked into slow burning build ups with sparse brutal vocals rasping for breath. Horseback manages to straddle polar opposites of the musical spectrum, possessed evil and pure blissful beauty, oftentimes within a single song.




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Horseback Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Shaking, buzzing, and constantly moving, Horseback’s music tends to exist in its own strange world, where the distorted swagger of Neil Young’s Crazy Horse sits at a table next to the haunted dronescapes of Sunn O))). ... more

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